The skill of silat Class E men (MAS) using techniques Sweep, Topple and kick and how Class H men (MAS) lose in final Sea GAMES 2015

Shapie .M .N .M. (1,2) & Junior .R .R. (1)
Fakulti Sains Sukan dan Rekreasi Universiti Teknologi MARA, 40450 Shah Alam, SelangorPertubuhan Seni Gayung Fatani MalaysiaUSKU Persatuan Karate W.P Labuan

The purpose of this study is to describe the skills used between winner match of Pencak Silat Class A and E Men during Sea Games in Singapore 2015. A video recording during the match was used for the analysis. The skills were coded into categories which are punches, kick, sweep, Topple down. By using sample t-test used to analyses the data between winner and loser. Result shows that the winner used kicking, sweep and topple down techniques compared to the loser.

keywords: kicking, martial arts, coaching, performances analysis

            Silat is widely known through much of South East Asia, the term pencak silat is used mainly in Indonesia. Pencak silat was chosen as a unifying term for the Indonesian fighting styles. It was a compound of the two most commonly used wor…